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It goes along with the scares. If you’re invested in these characters and the jeopardy feels real, you want them to succeed. The rapid prototyping gave us the opportunity to do nuanced acting, which I think was such a huge leap for this medium to have shots of characters in extreme close-up where they’re reacting to someone else speak. It’s so subtle that ordinarily you wouldn’t be able to get away with it. And stop-motion is so theatrical and so we steered away from blacks and whites and grays — the kind of gothic stuff that Tim Burton does so well — and we wanted to do something different. And the color gave us the opportunity. We could go to the lurid Technicolor of Italian horror movies but we could do it in a really well-informed way.”

—Co-Director of ParaNorman Chris Butler.

Full article on the technical advances made in the medium of Stop Motion through the film the new film from Laika, ParaNorman

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