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The official teaser trailer for the upcoming Sly Cooper CG-Animated film from Blockade Entertainment and Rainmaker Entertainment. Breaking into Theaters in 2016! Directed by Kevin Munroe, Produced by Brad Foxhoven and David Wohl

I’m shocked. This is the first I’ve heard of this. That makes two big video game franchises from Playstation coming to the big screen (the other is Ratchet & Clank). As a big fan of this series of games, I’m excited about this! Great, fun characters, with a fun spy theme that doesn’t take itself too seriously, very much incorporating a comic book and cartoon style, this could be a great film. And it seems they have the characters spot on. The designs are a bit different, and Sly in particular looks a little bit more realistic than I’d like, but the movement and personality all seem to reflect the original fun of the games.

I’m nervous to get excited about this, but man, do I want this to be great! Guys, I can’t wait!



My initial reaction to Frozen trailers in early 2013 were tarnished by the fact of its similarity to Tangled. As positive reviews began to bubble on the internet my approach shifted and I became more keen on discovering what the film had to offer. 

(Spoilers below)

Now I’ll admit my opinion of the film is a bit biased because I saw it in a theater full of animation students. The jokes and animation were exceptionally appreciated and laughs were very strong. So when the screening ended I had a rather positive reaction to the film and that may have been slightly different had I seen it with another audience. 

Frozen is unapologetically a musical. So if songs aren’t your deal it is probably best to pass this film on by (or watch it once at least just for the animation). The songs have became rather popular and there is plenty of coverage on them so I won’t say too much. Except that I enjoyed some of the lead ups into them and that the lyrics were well crafted.

The number one thing that stood out to me was the animation. I am not sure if it is simply due to my studies but the quality really stood out. The nuances in the characters captivated me. I really felt that the characters I was watching were real and had distinct traits. These characteristics were communicated beautifully through the expressions, shoulders, posing, and hands. So much that I my eyes were glued to the screen- there were times I would laugh to myself during the film because I just couldn’t believe how effectively the characters were animated.

Of course the story is the thing that will be held under the scrutiny by most. Parts in the middle feel moderately “box-car” and conflict seems to spring out of no where to drive the story along at points. Anna and Kristoff’s romance feels silly after Kristoff himself points out how ridiculous it is to fall in love so quickly. Hans’ villainy was a twist; but maybe a tad to pushed of one (I think that if during the scene where they storm the ice castle if they had him see the crossbow pointed at Elsa and then did nothing (he mentions later that he wants her dead anyways)- this wouldn’t even require a devious expression but it would have been a short little clue that would have made the reveal more believable). Yet, to me, the strengths were more significant than these flaws. Not having a typical disney villain was a refreshing change. The beginning had a real tasteful set up and the relationship between the sisters felt tactile. How the characters interacted with one another felt plausible except when it wasn’t supposed to (“Love is an open Door). However what sold me was the moment of truth that transpired on the giant plain of ice- the camera work and dramatization of character was mesmerizing.

This leads back to the Tangled/Frozen comparison. Here and there I’ve seen multiple comments on how Tangled is better/or how Tangled is a film with more re-watch value than Frozen, and so on. Tangled most certainly has an artistry to it’s film that is hard to follow. Frozen makes it even harder on itself by adding a character like Sven, which in my opinion pales in comparison to Maximus. However, I thought here I would be one voice to the contrary and say that Frozen has a higher ranking in my preferences. In Tangled, Flynn and Rapunzel felt as if they were both tugging for the main character roll; and with Rupunzel’s place of naiveté she honestly just didn’t convince me as well as say… Anna- who is in a way a very similar character. In Frozen, there seemed to be more of an attempt to drive the characters through story based on the tangible decisions that they made; as opposed to Tangled where I felt the characters were more pigeon-holed into archetypal choices. However what is the largest deciding factor for me is the comparison of the ending situations. Both have character’s who die and revive; but the advantage Frozen has it is the main character who sacrifices herself to save another character- and after doing so she reaps the consequences that were enacted by the sister she just saved. That is a very compelling concept. In Tangled, at the final moment mother Gothel is painted as a complete villain- which is necessary as what happens to her is horrific. However since you are not meant to care for her; you are only left with Flynn’s sacrifice to empathize with. As opposed to the moment Elsa has at the end where she also is mourning because of the loss of her savior- but is deeper because she feels responsible for the ailment that she caused her sister- also there is the additive benefit that Frozen sets up that Kristoff is going to save Anna but it ends alternatively. As opposed to Tangled where the archetypes all play out there role in that final scene and things happen predictably. 

Film finds everyone in a different place; depending on your experience how you interpret the characters on screen your reaction to a movie could be completely contrast another’s interpretation. Trying to create a film in general is difficult, and attempting to develop something for international audiences of all ages is even more so. As an aspiring animator, it would be easy to sit with my arms crossed and judge a film to death; but I try to latch onto the positive. Sure, there may be things that I think could make a movie better but who knows I could be just as flawed. Frozen is what it is; no one’s opinion at this point is going to change the film- so learn from the mistakes that you think are there- but most of all consider the things that you appreciate about the film.

~ Oh and if you are nerdy like me; just watch out for the subtleties of the animation in Frozen- really amazing!



This is a VFX breakdown video of Thor: The Dark World, from Blur Studio.



Rio 2 Teaser

Rio 2 premiers April 11, 2014 in US theaters.


Welcome back, (CG) Audrey!

If you haven’t seen this commercial for Galaxy chocolates—also known as Dove chocolate outside of UK and Ireland—you need to give it a closer look. This commercial filmed in Italy’s Amalfi Coast area boasts incredible visual effects, including its actress. 

Oscar-nominated (Gravity) visual-effects company Framestore (as well as work on Skyfall, RoboCop, and Walking With Dinosaurs, to name a few) spent months developing a full-CG Audrey Hepburn for this advertisement, working with UK ad agency AMV BBDO. Read more about the extensive process on Framestore’s website.

It’s no surprise that her iconic eyes and smile were the most difficult parts for the team of four animators, but I think they really captured Hepburn well.

-Courtney (HarmonicaCave)


Here is a trailer for an anime movie that just opened in Japanese theaters last month. It’s title is Majokko Shimai no Yoyo to Nene and is animated by the animation studio ufotable, who have animated many works including Fate/Zero and Kara no Kyoukai/The Garden of Sinners.

The animation and art style in this trailer really appeals to me, with its bright and vibrant colors along with some fluid movement. Hopefully this gets licensed and brought over to the west in some way.

Synopsis: “The “traditional magical fantasy” from the anime studio ufotable follows sisters who are magical girls. Yoyo and Nene live in a forest where they run a famous store for magic spells, and the two are quite skilled despite being young, but for some reason they always cause an uproar.”
(Source: Animenewsnetwork)




New Clip out for #MrPeabody…—peabody-and-sherman-exclusive-clip-pits-time-travelling-dog-vs—greek-warriors-210022409.html


Everything I see about this movie makes me want to see it more. Director Rob Minkoff posted a link to this new clip from Mr. Peabody and Sherman last night; check it out on Yahoo—it’s a huge step up from Yahoo’s usual “Are Pies the New Cupcakes?” garbage…

-Courtney (HarmonicaCave)




[Poster] Ernest et Célestine

It is now announced as coming out March 14th in the US. I don’t know how widely distributed it will be, but do keep an eye out for it. I don’t know if there will be a lot of advertisement about it. Will make sure to do a little reminder the weekend it opens.

I have been looking everywhere for info about this film and seeing it in the US. I’m excited about this!



Sequels often get immediately approached wish scorn and distaste. 

I suppose this is earned- perhaps not always intentionally. Creating a film is not an exact science and recreating the elements that constructed a world and characters that captivated audiences is a mighty feat indeed.

However, sometimes a film comes along and surprises you. Monsters U did that for me; but probably because of little Mike Wazowski. That little guy who was everyone’s last pick and a dreamer had an honesty that rang true about it and was also something that connected to me personally. 

The story also took a risk of a rather unhappy ending and making a character not get what they want; which was a gutsy move for an animated film, but again it held a truthfulness that could have been shallowed greatly if an alternative route had been taken.

Compared to it’s predecessor which conversely lies chronologically in the future Monsters U is perhaps less appealing conceptually. The ideas of monsters going through doors that are magical portals for energy is clever and compelling. However, to me Monsters U felt truer to original Pixar storytelling and made me excited to see upcoming projects in the future.



The March of the Cybermen—The Moonbase

Fans of Classic Doctor Who will be excited to see this exclusive clip, released yesterday, previewing some of the newly reanimated missing episodes. The animation of these episodes (One and Three) feature the original off-screen soundtrack recordings; the animation itself was done by Australia’s Planet 55 Studios.

Last December BBC announced the DVD release of several episodes featuring the Second Doctor for later this month in Europe and Australia, and early February here in North America.



Hi, I’m a Toronto animator, I just put together some run cycles I did for a short of mine. Have a look, thanks!


This is a submission from one of our readers who is an animator from Toronto. Going by the name of RodneyGK online, this animator also has a series on youtube called “Rodneygk’s Magical Forest.” It contains some violence, with some stellar animation. Check it out here.

Thanks for the Submission, RodneyGK!



Having done a little research to make sure I was certain of the type of animation of this film, it seems The Lego Moviehas a lot of people fooled. The most agreement seems to be centered around a combination of both CGI and Stop Motion Animation. But the fact that no one could figure it out without it being stated by the directors is pretty impressive (source).

Directed by Chris Miller and Phil Lord, this film really does have me interested. Together the pair has directed and produced several films, including Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, and 21 Jump StreetAlong with the different directing, interesting story, and humor that is not typical of most mainstream animated features these days, this film begs to be watched in order to be understood.

The directors have emphasized wanting The Lego Movie to look like a stop mo lego movie done really well, making the CG indiscernible.

Something that really excites me about this film: This is Warner Bros. official return to Feature Animation for the first time in 10 years, having shut down it’s feature animation division in 2003 after Looney Tunes: Back In Action failed at the box office. It’s encouraging to see more competition and innovation out there in feature animation, and hopefully Warner Bros. won’t be another DreamWorks-type “follow the popular trends” kind of company.

The Lego Movie comes out February 7, 2014 in US theaters.



Animation Force is very excited to receive this user submission from May AKA! The time for supporting this project has already passed, but I think it’s something to keep an eye on. I like the vision and the look of this project. If this is any kind of example of Mexican Animation I’d love to see more from there. The concept art is very nice, and I am looking forward to seeing how that translates into the 3D Animation.

The site is completely in Spanish, but our friend who made this submission has kindly taken the time to explain a lot of it for us. Check out what she has to say:

Hi, I’m a freshman animation student. Here in Mexico, I’m guessing that this applies to many places in the world, animation isn’t well supported by the government. There are lots of ideas for new projects but it’s really hard to find the economical support. New projects are developed and are never finished for lack of resources. I had heard of really few successful mexican animations.  

The link is for helping a mexican project. I don’t know if the project will reach other countries, for the moment they are just struggling to start the project, but maybe it will. I hope that your Mexican followers or followers willing to support international art take the time to consider helping this project. 

The movie is called Garra de Jaguar (Jaguar Claw) by Ocho Venado productions. The director is Iván Espinosa.(Sorry about my english, I haven’t really practiced it on a while, just to read things on the internet.) I’m gonna try to translate some information, you can read the rest on the website.

"Garra de Jaguar" it’s an animation that was born after the need of producing quality films in Mexico; movies that could build a solid and profitable industry for our country, that would allow us open our market to other countries and compete with international projects thanks to the narrative and technical quality of this films. 

"Garra de jaguar" narrates the clasical journey of a hero, but this time, presenting a mexican hero that existed many centuries ago and many of us didn’t know, his name is "Ocho venado garra de jaguar" (Eight deer, Jaguar claw) or Unaidu. The story shows us an adventure that allows us to travel a fantastic world, full of magic, inspired by the ancient Mexican pre columbian cosmogony: chamanes, nahuales, powerful warriors and brave men that fought for their people. "Garra de jaguar" is an universal production thought for national and international public, since in it we can discover that it doesn’t matter where we come from, we all have a hero inside, and we can build our own destiny and achieve good things for us and for those around us.


Any contribution is useful, thank you.


The Lego Movie - “Man of Plastic”

The latest Lego Movie trailer parodies Man of Steel. Lots of excitement and build here. Warner Brothers is really making this film shine. The hybrid of computer animation and stop motion is working well, and the visuals are look great!

We wanted everything to look photo real, like it was a lego set that came to life, and we wanted everything to be made out of lego bricks…the movie was a lot of CG, some stop motion, some actual lego bricks mixed in there—we didn’t want anyone to know what was what, it was a real hybrid. -Chris Miller

The Lego Movie comes out February 7, 2014 in US theaters.


This film comes out in a week! Who’s going to see it?


Walking With Dinosaurs trailer.

Walking With Dinosaurs is eerily reminiscent of Disney’s 2000 flop, Dinosaur. However, it feels a bit like some of BBC Earth’s productions, and doesn’t seem like your average blockbuster. Not surprisingly, BBC Earth is one of the companies responsible for the production. The budget for this film is also 2/3rds of the budget of Disney’s film from 13 years ago. 

We’ll have to wait and see with this one. Walking With Dinosaurs premiers December 20, 2013 in US Theaters.